Saturday, November 5, 2016


It is not typical for me to wait so long after a vacation to start scrapbooking it.  We saw and experienced so many marvelous things on our riverboat cruise, that I am feeling overwhelmed by the number of pictures I have (did I mention 1600?).

I like to create folders on my computer for each of the cities or major sites we visit.  I then move my digital photo files to the appropriate folder. Working with one folder at a time makes it easier to choose the best pictures.  Even so, it is so hard to decide what pictures to scrap!  No easy answers here...maybe take fewer pictures (like that is going to happen!).

So as our brief stay in Budapest was the beginning of our trip, so will the layout be the first of my trip album.

Here is a close-up of the panel with the umbrellas.

The red umbrella I am holding was my main focus on this layout and I was inspired by this Pinterest card to design the panel on the left side and the trio of umbrellas on the right.

I used patterned paper from the Jeepers Creepers packet and White Daisy, Poppy, Slate and Whisper Cardstocks.  The layout design is from Make From Your Heart, Volume 2.

I hope you enjoyed this one!


Tuesday, November 1, 2016


One of the November challenges for Heart 2 Heart is to create a project related to "Changes".  As I scrolled through layout and card pictures for inspiration, I came upon this layout and knew that I needed to enter this one.

One of the biggest changes ever in our lives was in March of 2015 when our son contracted Transverse Myelitis.  In the matter of a few days he went from living a normal life to being paralyzed from the chest down.  So many changes:
  • Immediate changes as he was hospitalized for diagnosis and treatment
  • Transfer to Rehab Institute of Chicago as he underwent intensive therapy and began walking again
  • Learning to live with residual effects and impairments
  • Returning to full time work in a new position that eliminated travel
  • Family adjustments to this new phase of life.
Throughout this process he has been inspired and supported by the Transverse Myelitis Association.
In the above picture you see our family as we participated in a walk to raise funds for TM research and to support family programs.  

On November 12 Dan's story will post on The TMA site: On that day, I will be sharing a link to that story.  I don't often get on a soapbox, but this obviously is something near and dear to my heart. Thanks for reading..

Layout inspiration is the Charlotte Workshop Your Way from CTMH

For more inspiration on documenting change please visit: